How Does It Work Exactly? 

  • March 03, 2022

  • How Does It Work Exactly? 

What is an Efoil?

The “e” in eFoil represents its lithium ion battery built into the board that powers an electric motor with a propeller that provides propulsion. Below the drive unit, is a wing (or “foil”) that provides lift. Given enough speed, the wing generates enough lift to allow the board to break free of the water and you begin to fly along effortlessly like a magic carpet ride in powder. You steer the board by standing up using your body weight and adjust your speed using a handheld wireless Bluetooth remote to control the throttle. The feeling is one of a kind.

How does an eFoil “fly”?

eFoils have a mast and hydrofoil that enables the eFoiler to lift out of the water. As the eFoil gains speed, the hydrofoil functions like an underwater wing. It deflects water pressure downward which in turn lifts the rider and board upward, entirely out of the water.

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