Front wing 1900

Adapt your sensations ! The front wing should be adapted to your weight, your level, and water conditions.

We ride in nature, our equipment has to be adapted to the elements.

If you’re an Efoil beginner, we recommend the 1900 front wing, which is used in flat water. It offers a very good stability and a lift perfectly suited for first time riders. It’s not adapted to riding in the swell, its lift would then be too strong. As you get better and more relaxed on your EFOIL, and start wanting to ride more aggressively, incorporating accelerations and tight turns, you can choose a smaller sized wing.

If you’re athletic and/or you ride in the sea, we recommend the 1600 front wing. Its smaller surface makes it more responsive and stable in the swell.

If you ride in rough water and/or if you have a smaller frame, we recommend the 1300 front wing. Less powerful than the other two, it adapts better to intense conditions and goes through the swell more easily. It’s also more playful and has a higher acceleration capacity.

Only for Takuma eFoils.

  • Front wing 1900

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