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Battery capacity
How long does the battery last, how long does it charge, and how many charge cycles does it have?

The life of a fully charged battery is about 50-70 minutes depending on the type of board and the capacity of the battery. The charging cycle up to 100% charge takes 2-3 hours. The flashlight has a lifespan of about 500-600 charging cycles. The manufacturer of Fliteboard and Takuma guarantees the battery for 400 charging cycles. Takuma does not provide a warranty for the battery.

What if a problem comes
How long is the warranty?

The manufacturer of Fliteboard provides a 2-year warranty on its products. Waydoo 12 months and Takuma months 6.

Do I have to wear a helmet and vest on the board?

For security reasons, we recommend this. Likewise, the wettsuit provides the necessary comfort, especially in bad weather.

Baterry low..oops
What happens if I run out battery on the water?

You can continue to paddle on the board like on a surfboard, so discharging the flashlight is not really a problem. On the contrary, it can be a healthy extra move.

What about depth
How deep has to be the water to ride an eFoil?

You need at least 1m of depth, but we recommend at least 2 meters for the ride itself. The greater the depth, the safer the ride is basically safer.

Where can I ride
Where can I ride?

Within national waters, usually in designated areas or with the permission of the administrator, on the coast of the sea with almost no restrictions.