Efoil Carver

A compact board for intense rides. Smaller board and wing (5’3” and front wing 1300) allows for hard carving at high speed: perfect gear to carve with. This Efoil comes with a 60cm mast, allowing you to foil very comfortably in strong swells and to make sharp turns.

This board is both compact and high volume. Efoil carver is handy and performs really well, having a prompt responsiveness underfoot to your every move.

  • Efoil Carver

Product Code: TK-CARVER

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Price: 241,698 Kč

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  • Board size: 5'3"x28" (120L)
  • The size of the front wing: 1300 cm2
  • Stabilizer size: 270 cm2
  • Variants of the front wing: 1600 cm2 / 1900 cm2
  • Mast size: 60 cm
  • Total weight: 34 kg
  • Battery weight: 8 kg
  • Board weight: 14 kg
  • Drive weight: 11 kg

Part of the package

  • - eFoil
  • - Remote control + charger
  • - Propulsion 1300 cm2
  • - ESC
  • - eFoil bag
  • - Battery + charger
  • - Set of screws

Enjoy your flite

Adaptive boards
for all levels

Thanks to innovative shapes and right sizes for most body shapes, whatever your level, you will be able to quickly enjoy your first flights above water.


Our unique propulsion system has been designed to give riders the ability to fly above the water in complete safety.

An innovative

A remote controller, developed with BB Talkin, specialized in action sport intercom. Our remote is very easy to use. With its quick kill switch security system, It helps you feel safe and feel how easily you can use the product, from the first ride.

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