Safety, How Can I start, What Do I Need?

  • April 04, 2022

  • Safety, How Can I start, What Do I Need?

Is efoiling dangerous?

Efoiling is not an extremely difficult sport, and even the newest beginners will catch on quickly. Finding balance can be a challenge throughout the learning process, and you will likely fall off the board a few times, but don't worry too much; most eFoil boards are set up to automatically shut off when the controller trigger is released, or the controller comes in contact with the water. Also, since they are equipped with electric propellers, it is important to remember that keep your feet or all body parts clear from the propeller. Never stand on the propeller or wing in the water. Experts always recommend using protective equipment, including helmets, boot covers, and life jackets to avoid injuries while using the eFoil. As a water sport, injuries are inevitable, and eFoil is no exception. But with a few pointers in mind, you can enjoy eFoiling to its fullest.

Important Rider Safety

Wear a helmet and PFD

Wear an approved and certified helmet and PFD (Personal Flotation Device) at all times. There may be specific rules and legal requirements in your location that also apply. 

Keep distance

Keep well clear of other water users at all times. Check regulations for vessel operating distance rules in your area. Always be on the lookout for swimmers, other vessels or obstacles when riding which may be obscured by waves or glare.

Release the throttle

Release the trigger immediately on committing yourself to a fall. This will stop the propeller and reduce the forces which could otherwise lead to a more extreme crash. Practice this skill when learning with the goal of stopping the propeller before you hit the water in a fall.

Fall away from Fliteboard

The best way to avoid injury is to practice the correct falling technique. As soon as you begin to loose balance, purposely fall in the direction the board is already falling. You will then likely end up in the water on the opposite side to the hydrofoil assembly. Like being on stilts – it is impossible to regain balance once your weight is no longer above the hydrofoil wings (unless you are turning).

Is it difficult to learn?

Learning to eFoil generally takes anywhere from one to two hours. The eFoil is about 75 centimeters long and has a lot of area on which to stand. When you get the board planing on the surface of the water it becomes extremely stable, making it easy to adjust your stance. These qualities allow riders to be able to stand confidently and feel what it's like to fly in a controlled manner to achieve sustained flight.

How long does it take to stand up on an eFoil?

This depends on the ability of the rider. However, most people are able to stand on the moving board within the first hour. The act of foiling, lifting out the water and going back down again, may take a couple of hours to learn to control.

How long does it take to be skilled on an eFoil?

Mastering an eFoil will take time. Riding above the water changes the center of gravity when it comes to turns. We estimate that it takes 20 hours to be fairly comfortable foiling on flat water and 50 hours to be competent in different conditions.

  • Feet are offset, on opposite sides of the board, near the rails
  • Front foot placed in the front left corner (regular stance) or front right corner (goofy stance) of the pad. Back foot placed in the back right corner (regular stance) or back left corner (goofy stance) of the pad.
  • Front foot pointing to 12 o’clock. Back foot pointing to1-2 o’clock (regular stance) or 10-11 o’clock (goofy stance).
  • Shoulders squared to the front of the board, at 12 o’clock
  • Front knee bent and back knee slightly bent
  • Body leaning forward

Is eFoiling dangerous?

EFoiling is not an extremely difficult sport, and even the newest beginners will find that eFoils are easy to use. You’ll likely fall off of the board several times throughout the learning process; however, most eFoil models are designed to automatically turn off when the controller trigger is released or the controller touches the water.  Experts always suggest using protective equipment, including a helmet, booties, and a life vest to avoid injury when using an eFoil. 

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