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Let’s take off!
Have you ever flown a board above the water at speeds over 30 km per hour?

Do you want to give it a try? The feeling of being in the air and controlling the board with just your body. All this for up to 70 minutes!

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eFoil - Flying board
How to fly an eFoil?

As you can see, after some training, anyone can ride an EFOIL. It’s fun for the whole family.Check out this video from the Fliteboard manufacturer on how to use the board and we bet you'll want to try it right now!
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What does eFoil look like?

Do you have questions about eFoils and this adrenaline sport?
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Perfect technical engineering

Whether you choose an eFoil from any of the three manufacturers we offer, you will admire the sophistication and refinement of the entire eFoil. Plus, if you're into technology, you'll find it a real treat.

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Environmental friendliness

The electric drive ensures almost complete noiselessness and no harmful emissions. Combined with the sophisticated design and the settings variability, you'll find riding the eFoil addictive.

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It's easy
Easy installation and maintenance

Thanks to the travel packaging of all boards and their simple construction, anyone can handle the assembly and maintenance. All components are designed to make handling as easy as possible.

Waydoo eFoil for you!


Feeling even more curious? Thinking of buying one? Or do you already own a board and want to know how to start or advance? This is the place, where you will get the most information. Read, ask, comment, share ...
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How Does It Work Exactly? 

How Does It Work Exactly? 

It really flies over the water? What kind of witchcraft is this? Learn the basic principles of efoiling technology.

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Is it Expensive? 

Is it Expensive? 

Learn how much efoiling costs and why. Top tier technology and components are not cheap. In return, you are getting an F1 among the other water boards. And hey, you can rent one. Cool, huh?

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Safety, How Can I start, What Do I Need?

Safety, How Can I start, What Do I Need?

You need our board, duh! :-) From that point, though, it is easier than you might think! Just couple of basic stuff and you are clear to go! Even kids can do that.

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We are an authorized dealer

Select one of the eFoil manufacturers. Each manufacturer offers a different design, different manufacturing.
Not sure which eFoil is for you? Write to us or call us on +420 602 293 263 and we will be happy to help you with your choice.

Australian manufacturer of top eFoils with exceptional technical workmanship and elaborate design. It will exceed your expectations.

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The French-Japanese company with production in Taiwan is the world´s leading manufacturer of eFoils. With its processing, it offers an ideal price-quality ratio.

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The US-Chinese consortium started with eFoils in 2020. With its simplicity, light weight and price, it will undoubtedly attract the general public.

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